Parts Of A Leaf Diagram

Parts Of A Leaf Diagram. Finally, the hard, string-like parts that run through a leaf and start at the midrib are called veins. This diagram of the parts of a leaf is perfect for that beginning of the year unit.

AquaScaping World Magazine - Plant Anatomy Part 2: The Leaf
AquaScaping World Magazine - Plant Anatomy Part 2: The Leaf (Troy Guerrero)
The leaf blade is composed of tissue layers, each having an important part to play in a functioning leaf. Generally, leaf base, petiole, and lamina, together form the main parts of a leaf. The kids cut and paste the names of the leaf parts onto the diagram.

Plus you can even grab the clipart to design your own Fall leaf resources for your students.

Quite often you will find a Stipule at the base of the petiole, which is like a miniature leaf arrangement.

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Margin: This is the outer edging of the leaf. We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way! It is in this layer that photosynthesis occurs.

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