Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cumulative Flow Diagram. A cumulative flow diagram is a tool used in queuing theory. It provides a concise visualization of the three most important metrics of your flow A cumulative flow diagram shows the various statuses of work items for an application, version, or sprint.

JIRA Junkie: Cumulative Flow Chart: aka A ScrumMaster's ...
JIRA Junkie: Cumulative Flow Chart: aka A ScrumMaster's ... (Ryan Myers)
A Cumulative Flow Diagram (henceforth "CFD") solves these problems and provides additional insight with only minimal effort. Cumulative flow diagram (CFD) shows the distribution of cards by stages. It allows teams to visualize their effort and project progress.

A Cumulative Flow Diagram is a graphical representation of work as it flows through your Kanban system.

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Cumulative Flow Diagram

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Cumulative flow diagrams are seen in the literature of agile software development and lean product. You can use a CFD to find out how much work is done, ongoing, and in the backlog. You use cumulative flow diagrams (CFD) to monitor the flow of work through a system.

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