150 Cc Scooter Vacuum Line Diagram

150 Cc Scooter Vacuum Line Diagram. When you start the scooter it doesn't create enough vacuum at times to open this valve and feed fuel to the injector. Long story short, I bought the thing knowing it was not running.

GY6 150 Carb Connections And Diagram | 49ccScoot.com ...
GY6 150 Carb Connections And Diagram | 49ccScoot.com ... (Pearl Carlson)
When the line is connected to the carb vent engine cant run when disconnected as shown the engine does run. But basically it is fairly simple. Ensure the belt is not engaging at idle.

The Fuel Tank, Fuel Line, Vacuum Line, Carburetor and Fuel Valve all.

Scooter Doc Forum The vacumn line from the top of the carb (diaphram) runs to the manifold.

How is the Vacuum line set up on a gy6 150 cc chinese ...

[AV_7808] Gy6 Engine Vacuum Diagram Schematic Wiring

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150cc Scooter Vacuum Diagram

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The only T should on this line. You can see all the different lines in the pictures below. With an extensive collection of electronic symbols and components, it s been used among the most complete easy and useful wiring diagram drawing program.

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