Nipple Diagram

Nipple Diagram. Areolae: The areola is the circular dark-colored area of skin surrounding the nipple. Cooper's Ligaments form a hammock for your breast tissue to keep its shape.

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This feature makes Otis RPT systems well suited for high- Pipe Nipple. The areola is the circular area that surrounds the nipple. Nipple: The protruding tip of the breast, the nipple is where breast milk ultimately flows from and exits the body.

There are several options for reversing the direction of these nipples.

The mature human female nipple has several small openings arranged radially.

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Breast cancer occurs in males as well, but it accounts for a small percentage of all. Nipple erection can be caused by cold temperature or stimulation. Nipple sensitivity varies from person to person, but inverted nipples should be as sensitive as nipples that point outward.

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