Foot Bone Diagram

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Human Leg Bone Structure - Human Anatomy Details
Human Leg Bone Structure - Human Anatomy Details (Matthew Carter)
The foot is a five toed organ which supports the body in the standing and moving forward and backwards. Bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons make up the foot. This bone model was generated from.

If you'd like to support us and get something great in return, check out our PDF OSCE Checklist Injuries to the bones of the foot commonly occur in athletes and active individuals.

The foot has three arches: two longitudinal (medial and lateral) arches and one anterior transverse arch.

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Bones in the foot and ankle region. The feet are flexible structures of bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissues that let us stand upright and perform activities The midfoot is a pyramid-like collection of bones that form the arches of the feet. The bones in the feet work with the muscles, tendons and ligaments, which allows mobility, stabilization and balance.

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