Thigh Muscle Diagram

Thigh Muscle Diagram. Muscles Diagrams: Diagram of muscles and anatomy charts. In clinical anatomy the thigh muscles are divided into three groups: Anterior muscles extend your legs.

Muscles of the Anterior Thigh - Quadriceps - TeachMeAnatomy
Muscles of the Anterior Thigh - Quadriceps - TeachMeAnatomy (Anne Park)
Besides these there are numerous smaller septa. Create your own diagrams like this for free with Coggle. These are the muscles targetted in weight training programmes.

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The single bone in the thigh is called the femur.

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The thigh (proximal lower limb) muscles are arranged into three compartments The following diagram illustrates the actions of the terms adduction, abduction, flexion and extension at the different. Learn faster with these free muscle labeling diagrams. Hip and thigh muscles: want to learn more about it?

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