Interaction Diagram

Interaction Diagram. UML interaction overview diagram combines elements from activity and interaction diagrams. Plotting interaction diagram from design results.

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use case - usecase question : can it be stand alone ... (Hester Hubbard)
Communication Diagram Communication diagrams model the interactions between objects in sequence. Design a frame object with a reinforced-concrete cross section and longitudinal reinforcement. The interaction overview diagram is similar to the activity diagram.

A sequence diagram is an interaction diagram that emphasizes the time ordering of messages sent between objects.

UML - Interaction Diagrams - From the term Interaction, it is clear that the diagram is used to describe some type of interactions among the different elements in the model.

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What is Sequence Diagram?

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What is Interaction Overview Diagram?

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Interaction Diagram

UML Interaction Overview Diagrams provide a high level of abstraction an interaction model. It shows a set of objects or roles and messages sent and received by them. They are a collection of interaction diagrams and the order they happen.

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