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Stomata Diagram. A stoma consists of two guard cells that surround an aperture. Stomata are the tiny openings present on the epidermis of leaves.

Labeled Diagram Showing Plant Stoma Open Stock Vector ...
Labeled Diagram Showing Plant Stoma Open Stock Vector ... (Allie Ramos)
Stomata are open during the day because this is when photosynthesis typically occurs. Water stress (drought and salt stress) is one of the major environmental problems causing severe losses in agriculture and in nature. Glucose is used as a food source, while oxygen and water vapor escape through open stomata into the surrounding environment.

We can see stomata under the light microscope.

Breathing to you is a very natural function that you usually do without even thinking about it.

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The stomata. control gas exchange in the leaf. Each stoma remains surrounded by two kidneys or bean shaped epidermal cells the guard cells. Definition of Stomata: The stomata are minute pores which occur in the epidermis of the plants.

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