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Usb Diagram. Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard that establishes specifications for cables and connectors and protocols for connection, communication and power supply (interfacing) between computers, peripherals and other computers. The wiring diagram includes any combination of different types of USB connectors.

If you have the color red, black, white and green, this post will teach you the corresponding color code for that. Though USB-C is more commonly used, USB Type-C is the official name of the standard as listed on If you've ever needed to charge anything, from smartphones to tablets, to cameras and even new laptops, you've likely needed to use one.

The three sizes of USB connectors are the default or standard format intended for desktop or portable equipment, the mini intended for mobile equipment, and the thinner micro size, for low-profile mobile equipment such as mobile phones and tablets.

A USB extension cable is cut and spliced to reconnect the ground, shield and data lines.

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The most common is " USB micro-B " to standard " USB-A " which is generally represent in mobile chargers. In a USB data cable Data+ and Data- signals are transmitted on a twisted pair with no termination needed. You'll be able to understand precisely if the projects should be accomplished, which makes it easier for you to correctly manage your time.

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