Convection Currents Diagram

Convection Currents Diagram. As it rises, it pulls cooler fluid down to replace it. The heat driving the convection current in the mantle comes from the extreme temperature in the earth's core, and At point A, the two convection currents hit each other, pushing the fluid upwards.

10(i) Plate Tectonics
10(i) Plate Tectonics (Eleanor Santos)
The wax inside the lamp warms up, becomes less dense than the liquid and so rises. The less-dense heated fluid rises away from the heat source. Related: Convection Current Diagram - Alternating Current Diagram - Conduction Convection Radiation - Convection Currents Earth - Convection Microwave Cooking.

Convection Current Diagram. by Steve Fiffington.

In the most general terms, convection refers to the movement of molecules within fluids (that is, liquids, gases, and rheids).

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10(i) Plate Tectonics

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Observe what happens to the food coloring in the water. Study convection currents with this simple experiment using supplies you probably have in your kitchen right now. Convection currents form because a heated fluid expands, becoming less dense.

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