Composite Volcano Diagram

Composite Volcano Diagram. The layers stack on each other with each eruption. These volcanoes usually form in subduction zones.

Composite Volcano Labeled
Composite Volcano Labeled (Corey Obrien)
The layers stack on each other with each eruption. It operates in a way similar to the Richter scale for earthquakes, in that each interval in value represents a tenfold increasing in. Composite cone volcanoes are quite large and spread across between one and ten kilometers.

The volcanoes form steep cones, rather than rounded shapes, because the magma is viscous.

Composite volcanoes—also called stratovolcanoes—are named for their composition.

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A volcano is a place on the. It's basically a hole in the Earth from which magma can erupt. The specific feature of a composite volcano is its conduit system through which magma rises to the earth's surface.

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