Ribosomes Diagram

Ribosomes Diagram. Ribosomes are in charge of protein synthesis. Protein is needed for many cell functions such as repairing damage or directing chemical processes.

RNA and Protein Synthesis
RNA and Protein Synthesis (Lois Austin)
It is primary composed of several ribonucleic acid and proteins that reads messenger RNA and thus synthesizes. Ribosomes Ribosomes are the cellular structures responsible for protein synthesis. View ribosomes through an electron microscope.

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They're like building Blocks who connect one amino alkanoic acid (Amino Acid).

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The kitchen staff (chefs and other helpers) of a ship is like the ribosomes of a cell because they make food for everyone on the cruise just like how. Ribosomes are considered organelles despite not being membrane-bound, and existing in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Other proteins support cell functions and are found.

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