Replication Fork Diagram

Replication Fork Diagram. D. ( Dept. of Molecular and At a stalled DNA replication fork, how is replication restarted after DNA damage has been resolved? The replication fork is the site of active DNA synthesis, where the DNA helix unwinds and single strands The replication fork is formed during DNA strand unwinding by the helicase enzyme which.

DNA Replication
DNA Replication (Julian Washington)
Keywords: cell size; bacterial cell cycle model; population variability; BCD. During DNA replication a DNA double helix must unwind and separate so that DNA polymerase enzymes can use each single strand Partial separation of the double helix forms a replication fork*. How to Draw Replication Fork in Exam is the topic.

The diagram is a little confusing because of the way the processes (circles) correspond to the fork You can continue this reasoning and understand the rest of the diagram.

The diagram below shows a bacterial replication fork and its principal proteins.

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Opening up of DNA molecule creates replication bubble. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The replication fork page says that the leading and lagging strands are the templates for reproduction.

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