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Turtle Diagram. Turtle Diagram - Definition, Usage & Templates. Turtle Diagrams allow you to look at the entire process, as well as the communication and mapping of interrelated processes with relevant functions and levels within the organization.

Improve Organizational Performance with Easy Visual Hacks
Improve Organizational Performance with Easy Visual Hacks (Jeffrey Perez)
Turtles move slow, and turtle diagrams make your system slower, because they add waste to your QMS. Therefore, a Turtle Diagram can help you answer all the vital questions related to any process. Re: Turtle diagrams. diptankd, Here is a link that might help explain what a turtle diagram is.

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Improve Organizational Performance with Easy Visual Hacks

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Home Turtle Diagram PowerPoint Template Turtle Diagram PowerPoint Design. Turtle Diagram - PowerPoint PPT Presentation. Turtle chart of Turtle diagram covering all aspects of whole process to conducting SIPOC method that help to customers expectations for any particular process & product that process or procedures are.

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