Layers Of Soil Diagram

Layers Of Soil Diagram. O Horizon - The top, organic layer of soil, made up mostly of leaf litter and humus (decomposed organic matter). Soil Horizons (layers): Soil is made up of distinct horizontal layers; these layers are called horizons.

Soil horizons and layers Royalty Free Vector Image
Soil horizons and layers Royalty Free Vector Image (Carrie Thornton)
In exploring the diagram, I continue to build to build their content knowledge of soil too. Put the horizons together, and they form a soil profile. The distinct layers of soil lying one above the other, parallel to the soil surface, are known as soil horizons.

Called the A horizon, the topsoil is usually the darkest layer of the soil because it has the highest proportion of organic material.

DIFFERENT LAYERS OF SOIL Besides the main horizons there are other layers of soil usually six layers which are- O, A, E, B, C, R: - LAYER O (HUMUS)- The top organic layer which is made up of defoliation and hummus is known as O layer.

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What are the Various Layers of Soil?

Each layer has its own characteristics that make it different from all of the other layers. Web Soil Survey (WSS) provides official soil data and maps produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. A soil profile is the complete set of soil layers.

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