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Paramecium Diagram. Paramecium is a unicellular, microscopic, free-living organisms. Paramecium, showing contractile vacuole and ciliary motion.

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Paramecium Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors ... (Juan Carpenter)
Paramecia are single-celled protists that are naturally found in aquatic habitats. Paramecium, genus of microscopic, single-celled, and free-living protozoans. The common species of Paramecium include In this video I have shown the simplest way of drawing Paramecium.

Paramecium is widespread in freshwater, brackish, and marine environments and are often very abundant in stagnant basins and ponds.

They are ciliated protozoan and come under phylum Ciliophora.

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English: A diagram of Paramecium caudatum, with cell structures labeled. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Stock Photo - Education Chart of Biology for Paramecium Diagram. diagram of paramoecium is the animation to indicate a paramoecium and label the parts.

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