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Electrolytic Cell Diagram. In an electrolytic cell electrical potential energy is converted to Draw a simple diagram of the electrolytic cell. An electrolytic cell is a cell which requires an outside electrical source to initiate the redox reaction.

Introduction - Skoolers.com: CSEC / CXC Exam Preparation
Introduction - Skoolers.com: CSEC / CXC Exam Preparation (Lillian Meyer)
Electrolysis is used to drive an oxidation-reduction reaction in a direction in An idealized cell for the electrolysis of sodium chloride is shown in the figure below. In contrast, a galvanic cell has in its place either a resistor, or a Voltmeter. Lastly, once dead, galvanic cells cannot be revived or recharged.

Electrolytic cell. electrolysis Requires potential/voltage input.

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They are often used to decompose chemical compounds in a. The concept of reversing the direction of the spontaneous reaction in a galvanic cell through the input of electricity is at the heart of the idea of electrolysis. Find this Pin and more on Diagramatically Speaking by Buzzle.com.

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