Divergent Boundary Diagram

Divergent Boundary Diagram. Three-dimensional diagram showing crustal generation and destruction according to the theory of plate tectonics. Divergent boundaries exist where tectonic plates move apart from each other.

Divergent Plate Boundary—Continental Rift - Geology (U.S ...
Divergent Plate Boundary—Continental Rift - Geology (U.S ... (Martin Peterson)
The features of Divergent Boundary that is very Exactly what happens when two plates diverge depends on the two types of plates involved. Features of Divergent Boundary.doc - Read online for free. When convection pushes against land, the thicker rock layer By studying the material in oceanic divergent boundaries, scientists have been able to prove the plate.

Each one has a type of STRESS on the rock & a way that it breaks, called a FAULT :.

Unlike convergent boundaries, divergence occurs between only oceanic or only continental plates, not one of each.

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Divergent boundary

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Divergent plate boundaries are locations where plates are moving away from one another. Describes how the divergence of plates on a continent leads to continental rifting. Features of Divergent Boundary.doc - Read online for free.

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