Cardiac Cycle Diagram

Cardiac Cycle Diagram. It pumps blood through a set of connections between arteries and veins, known as the cardiovascular system. Click now to learn more at Kenhub!

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The human heart is a muscular organ that is about the size of a fist. The cardiac cycle diagram is sometimes plotted with the addition of a curve to show ventricular volume throughout the cycle. The cardiac cycle describes the series of events that take place in the heart over the duration of a Throughout the cycle, aortic pressure remains quite high as muscle and elastic fibres in the artery.

The entire cardiac cycle can be seen in the following animation, which tracts the cardiac cycle along with the pressure and volume of different chambers.

Summarize the events of the cardiac cycle.

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cardiac cycle

To study a particular phase of cardiac cycle, one should study what happens to atrium, ventricle. Watch our Free Medical Lecture on Cardiac Cycle. The cardiac cycle is a series of contractions that ensure blood is flowing in the correct direction.

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