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Water Diagram. In a bid to make the concept of water cycle easier for you to understand, we have come up with a diagram and a brief explanation of each of the steps involved. However, water is often perceived to be pretty ordinary.

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One of these special properties is the fact that solid water (ice) is less dense than liquid water just above the freezing point. The diagram below can be used to determine enthalpy versus entropy of water and steam. Water has an unusual phase diagram: its melting point decreases with increasing pressure because The phase diagram of carbon dioxide shows that liquid carbon dioxide cannot exist at atmospheric.

This water cycle diagram flips open and makes a great study tool as part of an interactive science notebook.

The phase diagram of water is complex,b ,f having a number of triple points and one, or possibly two.

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This is the phase diagram for water. However, water is often perceived to be pretty ordinary. Note that the phases of Ice X and XI (hexagonal). [[A phase diagram of water, with temperature on the horizontal axis increasing to the left, and pressure on the vertical axis increasing downwards.

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