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Critical Point Phase Diagram. On the x-axis, I have temperature, and at any given point, this diagram will tell you whether you're dealing with a solid, so solid will be This is the critical point. Much like what we had in the case of liquid vapor phase critical point, now we have the same thing here except it's liquid liquid.

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Critical Point - Chemistry LibreTexts (Lela Doyle)
Isothermal lines on p-v diagrams are. The most prominent example is the liquid-vapor critical point. The critical point of nickel and the phase diagram near the critical point are numerically evaluated using molecular dynamics (MD) computations.

The critical point is one of the main features of the phase diagram of strongly interacting quark-gluon matter.

The critical point is the end point of a phase equilibrium curve, defined by a critical pressure Tp and critical temperature Pc.

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Note the critical point, the triple point, and the normal sublimation temperature in this diagram. The liquid-gas line (the vapour pressure curve) ends at a critical point (c). Let us concentrate on those points in the phase diagram above where the trajectories seem to start, end, or go around.

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