Tampon Insert Diagram

Tampon Insert Diagram. I discuss step by step, with two different demos so you will know exactly how to. Answerno offense but the answer above is a little to subtle. there The tampon box gives written as well as a diagram of how to put in a tampon.

Fresh 35 of How To Insert A Tampon Comfortably ...
Fresh 35 of How To Insert A Tampon Comfortably ... (Johanna Rodriquez)
When you've inserted it far enough, your. Answers from specialists on insert tampons. It usually takes a few tries before being able to comfortably insert a tampon, so Refer to the instructions and diagrams so you know what to do.

How to Use a Tampon: Teach Your Daughter How to Insert a Tampon.

Insert the tampon when your flow is moderate to heavy.

Fresh 35 of How To Insert A Tampon Comfortably ...

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Educational diagram of how to insert a tampon. Remove the tampon from the film. you insert them. applicator non-applicator. Are you thinking about putting in a tampon but aren't sure how to do it?

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