Hand Bone Diagram

Hand Bone Diagram. List the order of carpal bones starting at proximal going to distal from lateral to medial. Hand Bone Anatomy news information Hand bones anatomy, functions & diagram

Wrist & Hand - Atlas of Anatomy
Wrist & Hand - Atlas of Anatomy (Lola Hunt)
Hand Bone Anatomy information data Hand bones anatomy, features & diagram It joins with the scapula above at the shoulder joint (or glenohumeral joint) and with the ulna and radius below at. Anatomical diagram of the bones of the right and left hand, forearm, and elbow.

To accomplish this, these joints facilitate movement within only one degree of freedom: flexion - extension.

Quizzes on human skeletal system anatomy, bone anatomy, and bone markings.

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English: The humerus is the (upper) arm bone. Visit Kenhub for more skeletal system quizzes. But we hardly wonder how this part of our body works.

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