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Funnel Diagram. The Funnel diagram PowerPoint template represents one unique slide for the creation of an informative reports or a project. Funnel mapping is creating a diagram or visual representation of your sales funnel.

Five Staged funnel Diagram Powerpoint and Keynote template ...
Five Staged funnel Diagram Powerpoint and Keynote template ... (Frank Coleman) is a diagramming tool designed for teams. Funnel charts are specialized charts for showing the flow of users through a process. Funnel charts are often used to represent data in different stages of a business process.

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A funnel chart is a stacked diagram with multiple layers of the funnel, each representing a part of the process. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Edraw Sales Funnel Drawing Software empowers you to draw a Sales Funnel Diagram quickly and easily with prepared libraries.

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