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Voronoi Diagram. Each Voronoi site s also has a Voronoi cell consisting of all points closest to s. A Voronoi diagram is a diagram consisting of a number of sites.

LEDA Guide: Example Voronoi Diagrams
LEDA Guide: Example Voronoi Diagrams (Margaret Smith)
A Voronoi diagram is the computational geometry concept that represents partition of the given space onto regions, with bounds determined by distances to a specified family of objects. A Voronoi diagram is a diagram consisting of a number of sites. See more ideas about voronoi diagram, generative design, parametric design.

In this recipe, we compute the Voronoi diagram of the set of metro stations in Paris using SciPy.

Following common usage, we will use the terminology Voronoi diagram.

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A sample of the problems addressed by this technique include Closest Pair, All Nearest Neighbors. Python на GitHub: https://github.com/MikkoJo/Voronoi. Автор: Mikko Johansson. Подробная реализация алгоритма Форчуна: http://blog.ivank.net/fortunes-algorithm-and-implementation.html. A visual introduction to the Voronoi Diagram.

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