Three Sisters Planting Diagram

Three Sisters Planting Diagram. Instead, they planted the beans about two to three weeks after planting the corn. Three sisters is an ancient companion planting method that has been used by native american peoples for centuries.

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This Is the Year You Grow Your Own Veggies | Gardens ... (Clarence Parker)
Critters will find it harder to invade your garden by interplanting your corn, beans and squash. When planted together, the Three Sisters, work together to help one another thrive and survive. By planting corn, beans, and squash together, you can reduce pests and disease while When you plant the vegetables, corn will grow in the mound with beans around the corn and squash around the beans.

The Three Sisters were what Native American groups called the combined intercropping of maize, beans, and squash.

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When they landed, they had very little knowledge of farming or how to survive in their new surroundings. The corn stalk serves as a pole for the beans, the beans help to add the nitrogen to the soil that the corn needs, and the squash provides a ground cover of shade that helps. Companion planting plans based on three sisters gardening concepts can be very successful, even if you use them in bits and pieces.

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