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Hr Diagram Sun. In an H-R diagram the luminosity or energy output of a star is plotted on the vertical axis. Several of the brightest stars are identified by name.

Stars and Nebulae
Stars and Nebulae (Bernice Neal)
Such a plot is frequently called the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, abbreviated H-R diagram. Most stars fall on the main sequence. The Hertzpsrung-Russell (H-R) diagram is a way of categorizing properties of all stars in the sky, including the Sun.

It depends on both the radius of the star and on its surface temperature.

It is referred to as the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram (or simply HR diagram).

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It is one of the most important and widely used diagrams in astronomy, with applications that extend far beyond the purposes for which it was originally developed more than a century ago. The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is a graph that plots the temperature of a star against its absolute magnitude or luminosity. The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram A graph of the temperature and luminosity of stars is called the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram (H-R Diagram), which is named after two famous astronomers.

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