Concave Lens Ray Diagram

Concave Lens Ray Diagram. Describe the properties of an image produced by a concave lens. In this Case, Object is kept far away from mirror (almost at infinite distance).

Image formation by convex and concave lens ray diagrams
Image formation by convex and concave lens ray diagrams (Elnora Curtis)
Concave lenses always produce upright, virtual images. Shows how to draw the ray diagrams for locating the image produced by a concave lens and a convex mirror. Pick a point on the top of the object and draw three incident rays traveling towards the lens.

Is the virtual image magnified or minified?

Where the rays converge is where the image appears.

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Like in all ray diagrams, images can be found using two rays. Let's explore the ray tracing technique to figure out the properties of images when things are kept in front of a concave or a convex mirror. Kayla drew a diagram to compare convex and concave lenses.

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