Bathtub Drain Plumbing Diagram

Bathtub Drain Plumbing Diagram. Both are operated by a trip lever at the overflow drain. Shane Nelson is doing some plumbing work in Centre, Alabama.

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Water runs down the sink drain into a p-trap (so called because it's shaped like the letter), which fills up with water to prevent sewer gases and odors from getting into the house through the pipe. In this case, the tub's drain line would connect to a vent stack to which the drain lines of other fixtures are also connected. No bathroom plumbing system is complete without ventilation.

When you flush the commode or drain the tub, wastewater pushes the existing air in the pipes and.

Thousands of DIYers successfully tackle the job every year, and so can you.

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A bathtub drain can utilize a wet vent, which is a system that functions as both a vent and a drain for multiple fixtures. Specifications for the placement of plumbing fixtures and the dimensions of pipes are intended to make the bathroom a comfortable space with plenty of capacity for incoming water and outgoing drains and vents. To help you better visualize what these piping systems look like, we thought it might help to incorporate a plumbing vent diagram.

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