Tape Diagram Addition

Tape Diagram Addition. Your child will continue using tape diagrams to figure out how to solve problems third grade but with larger numbers! Preparation Notes This lesson is an introductory lesson for students on a visual model for ratio problem solving called here, the tape diagram.

1st Grade Addition Strategy: Tape Diagrams - YouTube
1st Grade Addition Strategy: Tape Diagrams - YouTube (Nelle Kim)
Are you trying to understand tape diagrams? The tape diagram is a powerful model that students can use to solve various types of problems. The tape diagram is the first of these tools that they will learn about.

Is common core math a mystery to you?

Then, solve for the unknown in the equation.

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By using clues to identify a variable and set up a tape diagram, you will be able to quickly solve each problem. Identify the equation represented by a tape diagram. Click Image to Enlarge : Addition, subtraction, multiplication fractions, ratios and more.

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