Arteries Of The Body Diagram

Arteries Of The Body Diagram. Start studying Arteries of the body. The arteries of the upper extremity.

63 best Arteries & Veins images on Pinterest | Anatomy ...
63 best Arteries & Veins images on Pinterest | Anatomy ... (Maria Gordon)
Circulatory system diagrams are visual representations of the circulatory system Systemic Circulation: After receiving oxygenated blood from the lungs the arteries of the systemic circulation system take the oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Below is the neat labelled Circulatory system diagram. The external carotid artery of the neck.

Review the major systemic arteries of the body including those of the neck, arm, forearm, abdomen, pelvis, thigh, and leg in this interactive tutorial.

The arteries of the upper extremity.

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Note the feathery network of blood vessels in the left and right lungs (next to the heart). The nutrients, hormones, gases, etc. can diffuse into the tissue cells through the walls of the capillaries and vice versa. What are the main arteries of the body?

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