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Insect Diagram. Lepisma (Silver Fish): It is common household pest, usually found in cool damp places, such as among old books, under picture frames, wall papers, clothes, etc. Appendages used for movement are attached to the thorax.

Color Diagrams of Insect Organs and Internal Structures
Color Diagrams of Insect Organs and Internal Structures (Luella Webster)
Each stage of the insect's life is accurately illustrated and labeled. Like all insects, this pseudo bug has three distinct body regions, the head, thorax, and abdomen, marked by the letters A, B, and C respectively. When they were done building their insect, we celebrated!

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Insect diagram - Label the parts of an insect, and write the number of each body part.

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These muscles are located between the head capsule and the anterior wall of the pharynx. To play the game, my kids took turns rolling the dice. In the top part they will label the parts of an ant with the words listed below the picture; in the second part they will look at pictures of four different non-insect 'bugs' and decide which body parts prove that they are not insects.

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